Phosforma is a recognised leader and provider of professional lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor building applications.

Our mission is to set new standards within the lighting industry through our work and how we approach a project. We instil confidence in those we work with, which is central to everything we do. The Phosforma brand and culture is defined by a passion for lighting and a set of core values that we truly work within.

Blending industry-specific knowledge with client-specific understanding.

Phosforma is committed to building key relationships in the Commercial Project Space. The relationships we develop are the result of continuous research, which led us to understand that what clients demand from their luminaires is a focus on sustainable technology and a solid commitment to supplying energy efficient light sources that provide both visual comfort and quality of light. Therefore, we provide a full spectrum of perfectly tailored, custom lighting solutions, from initial designs to postconstruction evaluation of both indoor and outdoor building applications.

A management team equipped with over 100 years of combined professional lighting experience.

Our diversity and experience are our biggest assets. We have a progressive board, and inventive employees encouraging and developing success. We believe that a combination of effective management, skilled people and an articulated common vision is key to our culture.

Supporting our people’s desire for growth is central to the success of Phosforma and ensures that we continue to attract inspired future prospective candidates.

Our extensive knowledge of luminaire development, trends and performance is rooted in our backgrounds which touch on everything from specification advice and project management to customer service and technical product support.