O/M designs and manufactures high performance luminaires with a perfect balance between design and precision values. They take inspiration from great artists and lighting designers.

Established in Porto, Portugal with more than 50 years of light fixture manufacturing experience, O/M achieves a successful balance between design, electronics, optics, mechanics and finishing; and between form, materials and colour.

The final form of the object and its effect always represent a perfect match between design and their precision values.

Collaborating with world famous architects and Bartenbach GmbH, O/M produce highly crafted and engineered lighting products. Through rigorous data measurement, experimentation, and a process that learns from failure as much as from success, O/M are always evolving the best new technologies for shaping and designing light.

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Featured Products


Introducing the next generation of double-focus lens: more efficient, more compact, more light. inVision is a linear recessed luminaire with housing and perforated cover plate made of aluminium with textured-paint finish.

O/M — Ceiling Recessed




One O/M
inVision O/M
Tubo Evo O/M
Tua O/M
Beam O/M