Aluminium Extrusions

Alu Epoxy LEDs-ON
Alu Swiss LEDs-ON
Nanoline LEDs-ON

Ceiling Suspended | Pendants


Flexible Linear LED


Profiles & Systems

Diamante Esse-Ci
Diamante Free Esse-Ci
ma_12 Macrolux

Recessed Downlight

Beam O/M
BSM Fixed Rovasi
Dea Amata L Karizma Luce
Dea Amata M Karizma Luce
Dea Amata XS | S Karizma Luce
Dea Cares M Karizma Luce
Dea Cares S Karizma Luce
Dea Carmenta M Karizma Luce
Dea Carmenta S Karizma Luce
Dea Concordia S | M Karizma Luce
inVision O/M
One O/M
Piccolo Karizma Luce

Surface Ceiling


Surface Downlights | Spotlights

Dea Fortuna Karizma Luce
Hall Led Evo Esse-Ci

Track Mounted

Dea Juno Karizma Luce
Diciotto Track Karizma Luce
Dodici Track Karizma Luce
Shape Macrolux
Shape Compact Macrolux
Tesoro Karizma Luce
Ventiquattro Track Karizma Luce


Lynn Aqlus
Pixie Orbit
Rocket Rovasi
T_45 Macrolux
Visua Orbit
Vitesse Plus Biffi Luce

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