Biffi Luce Ltd has been providing leading-edge Italian design and style to the commercial lighting sector since 1968. All Biffi Luce’s luminaires are made in Italy and are produced within the company, from concept to manufacture.

Biffi Luce combine the attention to detail to what they have inherited from their past: the refinement of action, the strength to take courageous decisions, the enthusiasm which results from the design of a new product.

Invention, design, construction and inspection in full compliance with safety norms are managed inside the company – not as mere standard processes – but as creative processes joining tradition and innovation. Biffi Luce also work with a photogoniometer and 3D printers for testing new product designs.

Their Headquarters in Milan features a 650 sqm exhibition area which is open by appointment to architects and professionals, showcasing their luminaries.

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Ring Surface Biffi Luce
Bussoled Piccolo Biffi Luce
Ring Suspended Biffi Luce