LLD began by specialising in the nautical sector, and now has developed their product range for the civil and architectural sectors.

Over the past 10 years, LLD Light has established itself with professionalism, product quality, services and expertise both in the national and international markets.

The high quality of the raw materials, the technical know-how of the specialised staff, the internal production cycle subjected to careful checks to achieve the highest standards, guarantee all products excellent reliability and excellent performance.

The company, located in Vicenza, Italy, has chosen to make use of highly qualified suppliers in the immediate vicinity, in order to completely guarantee the ‘Made in Italy’ statement; and to be able to offer its customers fast shipping and immediate management of any urgent requests.

Customisation and flexibility are some of the strengths of LLD Light, together with respect for the environment and attention to energy saving strategies.

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Damon S | M | L LLD Light
Narvik S | M | L LLD Light
Ganimede S | L LLD Light
Pallas 1 S | M LLD Light
Temisto LLD Light
Driade LLD Light
Celeno 1 | 2 | 4 LLD Light
Altea Mini LLD Light
Altea Micro LLD Light