March 2018 – Esse-Ci exhibits @ Light + Build


Light as a source of wellness.

The dynamic changes of light provided by the Human Centric Lighting (HCL) system adapt to the sunlight conditions based on the geographic location of the installation environment. In fact, this is state of the art LED technology that enables the management of adjustable color temperatures along the Planckian curve from 2,700 K to 6,500 K, along the warm to cold light spectrum.

Their HCL system reproduces the natural rhythms of sunlight in every interior space, leading to numerous benefits for the human organism: proper regulation of the biorhythm, improved mood, and increased productivity.

HCL integrates the DIMKITHCL smart kit in their products in such a way as to adapt the light to any specific need, providing tailored lighting and a comfortable environment for those who encounter (work or live) in those spaces. DIMKITHCL is based on an intelligent sensor that operates as a PIR Detection sensor, a Daylight sensor, and a color temperature automatic control unit. With its remote control, the user can input the latitude of the building, together with the date and time, and select one of the nine preset profiles (with different combinations of color temperature and brightness) depending on the context of use, or simply configure a customized profile.