August 2020 – Holectron 2020 Brochure Additions


Holectron Ula and Outdoor Profile Brochures are available from the downloads section of our website.

Holectron have released two easy reference brochures for their extremely popular Ula range and for their IP67 Outdoor Profiles.

The Ula brochure showcases their new 90 degree, T and X shaped modules for the Ula L Indoor and provides more insight into the easy installation for all models.

The Ula indoor range provides lighting designers with easy-to-install, seamlessly connected surface mounted lighting for a range. Ula is compatible will all Holectron LED strips and is available in three size profiles, it is incredibly versatile. Individual modules can be seamlessly connected for continuous lighting in long runs.

Holectron have also provided an Outdoor Profile Brochure to highlight and provide easy access to their resin filled IP67 rated profiles available for outdoor lighting.