April 2019 – Introducing new members of the NSW team.


Phosforma is growing! We are excited to introduce our newest team members joining NSW Sales Director Jarrod Huxtable in our Sydney office.

Here is a brief introduction to the team (L-R in photograph).

Jarrod Huxtable – NSW Sales Director, is an Electrician by trade who found lighting one of the most exciting elements to work with on site. He now has over 18 years’ experience in Lighting Specifications and management. He believes lighting is the most important element to any project, it can make an interior sing and an exterior come alive.
Jarrod is thrilled to be building a team of highly motivated individuals that share the same passion and knowledge for lighting, with an emphasis on helping encourage more well-educated women to join the industry.

Elisa Righetti – Lighting Specifications Representative, originally from Italy, has spent the last 9 years as a lighting designer working for well-respected lighting design practices both internationally and in Australia. Her love of light began at university and Elisa believes light is technical but also emotional; there is science but also art involved, and it affects everybody’s life every day.
Elisa brings a wealth of specialist lighting experience and technical knowledge to the team. She is eager to share her ingenuity in specifications and light planning with her clients.

Isabel Togi – Lighting Specifications Representative, brings a Mechanical Engineering degree and boundless enthusiasm to meet the expansive design world that can benefit from Phosforma’s expertise. Isabel is passionate about lighting because it is both functional and beautiful. It helps people feel better, be more productive and feel comfortable in a space far from nature. Her goal is to help people attain their dreams for a better future and is excited to see the creativity her clients can achieve.

Sean May – NSW Operations manager, has over 14 years’ experience in lighting and brings with him an outstanding work ethic and great knowledge of the industry. Sean’s biggest priority is making sure our clients and staff are given all the tools needed to succeed, whilst constantly analysing procedures to make them as simple and streamlined as possible. He particularly enjoys the wide variety of projects and people he gets to collaborate with.

With a blend of experience, knowledge, creativity and talent, the NSW team are ready for an exciting future!