January 2023 – New Holectron Venta Brochure


Venta is a linear lighting system that can be implemented as both standalone luminaires
and as continuous lines of light. It is perfect for decorative lighting, as wall grazer or a wall washer for outlining architectural elements.
A plethora of luminaire and mounting options makes Venta an exceptionally versatile lighting solution.
Unrivalled range of light sources – static white, tuneable white, dual tuneable white, RGB, RGB+W – available for use with Venta luminaires and can achieve up to 6000 lm/m light output and up to 33 W/m luminaire power. White, grey and black powder coat finishes as standard.
All light sources used for Venta luminaires feature 3-step MacAdam LEDs to ensure top-notch colour uniformity.

Holectron Venta Brochure is available from the downloads section of our website.