May 2018 – New Linear Lighting Map 2018


If you want to know about the latest innovations that have been added to the ROVASI range, we are pleased to announce that the Lighting Map 2018 is here.

ROVASI LIGHTING MAP is a tool to approach our wide range of lighting solutions, the first step to be located in our indoor and outdoor collection. Product features, descriptions, images, realisations and suggested applications are shown there.

196 pages to present the 99 families containing more than 350 products. The Lighting Map is split into 3 blocks: indoor, indoor linear and outdoor.

One of Rovasi’s many strengths lies in the vast array of options available for each product type; Dimensions, beam angles and lumen packages being 3 key variables. To increase their portfolio further, they have now introduced miniature versions of some of their most successful downlight ranges and some altogether new designs including, BSM XS, Chess XS and Mini Quid.

After this, a detailed reference list (with more than 15000 references!) can be filtered from their website There, you can download full technical information for your lighting project.

The catalogue is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan.

LIGHTING MAP 2018 is available from the downloads section of our website. If you prefer to receive a hard copy, please contact us and one will soon be at your desk.