November 2018 – The Sagrada Familia Museum


The Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) Museum in Barcelona (Catalonia), features the VIA recessed profile by Rovasi for general lighting in a newly completed section of the museum display.

VIA is a custom recessed linear profile with a symmetrical light distribution to provide effective task or general lighting. This profile is available in custom lengths with different junction modules to create a tailor-made solution.

The Sagrada Familia Museum was inaugurated in 1961 in part of the cathedral’s basement. Today the museum is continuously expanding to showcase Gaudi’s workings and models, along with other collaborative artists of The Sagrada Familia.

Photograph: Oriol Mortes / Basilica de la Sagrada Família. ©Junta Constructora del Temple de la Sagrada Família. All rights reserved.

For more information on VIA click HERE